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Innovative Waste Conversion technologies


InnoWaCon LLC offers the following innovative waste conversion solutions:

  Or Maximum Yield Technology of the    Maximum Yield Technology is an innovative process for treatment and utilization of municipal solid waste. MYT® aims to extract the complete raw material and energy content of waste and to use the energy potential as recyclable sources of energy. Instead of landfill or incineration solutions, there is now the option of optimum economic exploitation of waste in the form of raw materials, quality-assured fuels and energy rich biogas. More here.

  The technologies of the EUWELLE Environmental Technology GmbH: The focus is on wastewater treatment, waste treatment, exhaust air purification and other environmental technologies. More here.

 Since 1995, the name EuRec stands for shredding on a high level, which is confirmed by customers from all over the world. No matter if coarse or fine, our machines present your requested result. But EuRec is more than just shredding, we are also professionals in screening, packaging and dosing of different kinds of waste. More here.

 n-bio is your partner for building high-quality biogas plants according to customers’ demands with best economic and environmental efficiency. More here.

Sound environmental as well as regulatory aspects of each individual project are paramount to their success and acceptance by the community in which they are located. This helps provide jobs and security for all involved well into the future.